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Conveniently view and compare prices.

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Using your location find nearby diamonds within your budget.

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Filter by Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity, Certificate and more, all the while learning about each.

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Contact trusted local sellers directly about any listed diamonds.

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Diamond quality that leaves the surprise up to you.

Unlike an online-only purchase, know what you’re getting by closely reviewing a diamond in person to avoid any surprises.

Searching with Gemsby connects you to local sellers that list GIA certified diamonds along with other reputable certification labs.

A diamond is worth
experiencing in person.

Evaluating a diamond to represent such a key turning point in life deserves an in-person experience.

Local jewelers and diamond experts at your service.

Along with access to local private sellers listing diamonds, searching with Gemsby introduces you to real jewelry stores offering a wide range of services. Some of these may include custom jewelry designs, repairs, mounting, appraisals and more.

Let a local diamond expert service any of your diamond jewelry needs.

Responsibly sourced diamonds.

The Kimberly Process was set forth by the United Nations to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the market, and is an initiative taken very seriously by us, and our active sellers.

Sellers across Canada & USA are listing on Gemsby!

Our active sellers encompass Canadian provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia, along with test cities in the United States.

We are also quickly expanding to other countries such as the United Kingdom, India and other prominent diamond centers.

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